Art Boxes

Each project box includes a canvas, paints, brushes and tools necessary to complete the project. Our one of a kind art box is multi-purpose and is easily built into a tabletop easel. (see Make a Mess Art Studio on youtube)
The best part of these projects is the simple step by step video lesson taught by Nahthanha.
Every box is made to order.
Please text 705.427.1955 or fb message to arrange project pickup.

Turtle Waves $32.95
Sunflowers $47.95
Kitty Dot Art Box $47.95
Canada Day- Trillium Box from $37.95
Petals & Polka Dots Box $47.95
Spring Birch Trees Box $47.95
Daisy Bee Box $47.95
Slothin' Around Box $47.95