Make a Mess ON THE SPOT

Make a Mess ON THE SPOT

Introducing “Make a Mess on the SPOT!” Our mobile splash room! Book us for your next big party! It’s perfect for family reunions, workplace BBQ, wedding parties, graduations, retirement party, or your next big event! Also keep your eyes peeled for us at summer festivals and fall fairs! 


Experience the unique opportunity to let lose in our Jackson Pollock inspired splash room trailer.
Make a Mess On the SPOT parties include our talented Make A Mess Artists to host the event, and all the materials needed for each pARTy guest to walk away with their own personal MESSterpiece.

Splash Package for Up to 20 artists $400
Big Splash Package for 20-40 artists $720
*These are local prices within Simcoe County. Travel fees will be applied for further distances.

Please fill out the form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


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